Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tuesday Morning Photo.16/4/07.


G'day Rick, Roly, another example of a picture that sort of works in spite of my incompetence. This is just north of Scarborough on the Illawarra line, the single track section from Coalcliff, which I am told is still single track.

But now it is worked by double deck electrics.

The pub on the point was a nice place to have a beer and watch the passing trains, I'm not sure if it's the Scarborough Hotel or the Clifton Hotel but apparently it has just re-opened after a longish closure.

Thanks for last weeks response Rick, including Geoff's comments. I got a few shots of the first 38 invasion of Victoria but none of the one in 2000. I'll see what I can find of the first trip, it was a great week.

Well Rick, you better turn up over here with some negs. even just two or three for a start.


Peter Bruce.

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