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Monday morning photo. 30/7/07.

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Owen, no reciprocation expected, it's just something I do for fun. That
said, any photos of Portugal and it's tramways past or present much
appreciated. As a by the way at this very minute I am listening to a CD of
beautiful Portuguese music, Fado, a very recent discovery. Fado,
fate.......... Photo attached from beautiful Bendigo.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.

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> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for the photo, and the associated story. Marvellous!
> I'd certainly like to be added to your list for such photos.
> Not sure I could keep up a one-to-one return for very long,
> at least not with comparable photos!
> Here is a Lisbon view: 4-wheeler 615 on route 12, 19.15 hrs,
> 26/06/1980. This photo is really only feasible late evening
> around June, with the setting sun coming up the narrow street
> behind.
> Although the majority of Lisbon tram routes in 1980 are no
> more, the No 12 service amazingly still runs. In 1980 it was
> a two-way service, up and down the hill. Nowadays it goes up
> here, and returns a different way to make a clockwise-only
> circular route.
> No 615 dates from the 1930s and still exists, owned by a couple
> of tram fans! Today the trams on route 12 have a similar
> bodywork from the 1930s, but with power operated doors and
> with 1990s trucks and controllers from Germany. They also have
> both pantograph and trolley, but the trolley is used on the No 12
> because of limited overhead clearances: the panto might take
> somebody's washing out to dry from an upper floor!
> Best wishes,
> Owen.

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