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Monday morning photo. 28/7/07.

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> Wow..............I didn't know any of that Kevin. Thanks. Reading this
> kind of thing has the same effect on me as fishing (but not necessarily
> catching anything, which can be quite distracting) It induces 'inner
> peace'
> Peace be with you,
> RD

> "No. 11 mixed is timed to convey a mixed load worked by 32 class engine
> from
> Blayney to Harden. Stops at mileage 206m (between Lucan and Swan Ponds)
> to
> set down school children. Connects at Harden with No. 6 Up Mail." I
> don't
> have a southern division WTT so I'm not sure what No 6 was, but it
> could
> have been the Temora Mail, and I don't know what time it was due
> through
> Harden.

Kevin, this is a match made in heaven, I can't find my Western Division WTT
but, guess what, I have found my 1960 [from 20th November] Southern Division
WTT and No.6 is indeed the up Temora Mail at Harden 9.00-9.15pm Monday,
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, dunno why the 15 minute stop, no Refresh at
Harden and surely Engine Requirements would have been attended to at
Demondrille just 3 1/2 miles before Harden where 5 minutes was allowed. The
weather is pretty brisk here in Melbourne. I wouldn't mind spending tonight
aboard tonight's No.6, steam heated and a 38 on the front.

Rick, I must say I agree wth you, reading this stuff certainly knocks
meditation into a cocked hat. So glad you liked my photo of my model of
Carcoar, realistic, ain't it? Smartarse.

Can't recall if Swan Ponds actually had a South Box!

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