Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday morning photo. 24/6/07.

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G'day Pete, There,s 1 good thing about the good old days, the unremitting hard work is gone.
Anyhow it,s a great shot . Is this man-killer working off the branch, or off the pit light?
Am really enjoying the 'monday photo' but I'm lousy at acknowledging your trouble in sending
them to me.

G'day Roly, the pleasure is all mine, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I even suspected that I was neglecting your education, it's not every day that a railwayman comes a railfan, that is. Plenty of the other kind! Anyway there's not a closet comfortable enough to hold you. Not to mention your cellar.

As for the Garratt, was travelling behind it from Rocky to Emerald and it had just cut off the train to do some roadside work.

I've attached a photo of some Garratts relaxing around the house. Rockhampton Loco.


Peter B.

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