Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday morning photo. 19/8/07.

G'day all, I have to admit that I have a bit of a weakness for the commonplace, the everyday, the unremarkable. I love spectacular railway photos but unfortunately I took very few of them. Fortunately though there were masters of the art whose work is breathtaking at times. I havn't got Shane MacCarthy's book yet but I must have it.

Anyway here is photo of commonplace event in the early '60s, an ex NSWGR 2-6-0 clattering and screeching around with a rake of unbraked coal wagons at Corrimal on the near South coast of New South Wales, i.e, it's north of Wollongong.

It fascinates me that 19th century operations like this were utterly basic to Australia's 20th century post war effort in the New South Wales heavy industrial heartland.


Peter Bruce

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