Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 13/10/07.

G'day all, well I'm pretty sure I was going to Port Pirie.....let's see, if I'm heading west from Peterborough and it's mid summer the sun would be high in the southern sky, which it is. So that makes it January 1963. This train would be a roadside goods in Victoria, I can't remember what they called 'em in S.A. More likely I never knew. Anyway this was a very pleasant way to while away a few hours, clattering along at about 25 mph behind a little oil burning T class and pausing every now and again to knock a wagon or two around. Along the way a chopper coupled train had a kind of surging motion, I don't remember the trip in the van being anything like the vicious rides I'd had in a VR six wheel Z van at the end of a long string of auto coupled wagons on an undulating road.

I've said in previous posts that I don't pine for the good old railway days......but I'm very glad I saw them. And this photo makes them real for me again. Hope it does it for you too.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.

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