Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 26/5/08.

G'day all, last weeks photo of 740 at Pyramid Mick McGowan correctly picked as being on a holiday weekend. Mick is a Bendigonian from way back [Swan Hill is an outer suburb isn't it Mick?]. He pointed out that the regular daily train in those days would only be the two steel cars and a van. By way of further proof 688 is coming into Bendigo station on the up Echuca which would normally have been a railmotor at that time, 1962-3.

Leaving Bendigo behind 740 we crossed 727 on the up Swan Hill service on the double track somewhere about North Bendigo. Glad I managed to get someones saggy back fence into the photo, should have reported them to the fence police!

717 is at Ararat R* late in the arvo on the 1.40pm service from Spencer Street to Horsham, it was known as "The Peanut" beyond Ararat where it was reduced to two cars and a van and the Diesel loco replaced by an R class 4-6-4 for the 70 odd miles to Horsham. By the early 1960s there were very few regular steam hauled passenger trains left in Victoria so this was a bit of a must do. If I remember correctly, and there is every chance that I don't, we called in to see the late and much lamented Brian Brooke and his family at Horsham and then joined "The Overland" at 12.57am to travel on to Adelaide. I cannot remember who I travelled with though Ted Godwin comes to mind and I think the occasion might have been for a trip with the S.A.R 500 to Victor Harbor. If someone can confirm this I will post some photos next week.

*For those not familiar Ararat R means that Ararat station had a Refreshment Room, Counter meals and Light Refreshments available at Reasonable Rates.

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Peter Bruce.

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