Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 1/7/08.

G'day all, no apology for being late this week, you'll be getting used to it by now. I intended to post on Sunday night but I was exhausted, elated and speechless after Melbourne's great one point victory at the MCG on Sunday arvo.

How about some Adelaide trams!

The Victoria Square photo is just about my favourite tramway photo memory says Saturday lunchtime back when the shops closed at midday. The silver and red H cars have just arrived from the Bay. I reckon Grandma and grand daughter are crossing in front of the cars on their way to the Saturday Matinee at the pictures, they're both dressed up for their treat in town. This shot reminds me that ladies of my mum's vintage would never have gone into town without the hat and gloves. People dressed much more formally back then....... Except at the beach.

At the right of the picture is the Inspectors cabin and there are a couple of spare trolley poles and the departure bells attached to the traction pole in the foreground.

I must say I always preferred these big cars in silver and red.

In the other picture the same set is at Glenelg, down by the Bay.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.


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