Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 6/5/08.

G'day all, been staring at this shot on my desktop all week, meant to post it on Sunday night but was suffering from an excess of elation after attending Melbourne's fantastic come-from-behind win against Fremantle. I know most of you don't have the same devotion to football that I have so I'll shut up now.

So.... this is Hawker, South Australia. January 1963. I've pretty much come to the end of my photos of the friendly South Australian narrow gauge railways and this Commonwealth Railways line to Hawker from Quorn was the last regularly operating remnant of the old Central Australian Railway south of Maree. And I reckon that this photo was probably the last frame of the last film that I exposed on this long narrow gauge ramble.

When we got back to Quorn we camped overnight in this brakevan and I have a very painful memory from that stay. I was wandering around the yard in the dark looking for a place to have a leak when my right knee came into violent contact with a point lever. The top of it was exactly at knee level, I can still feel the pain and I nursed it back to Melbourne and then some. The worst bit was overnight on "The Overland", the second class seat was comfortable enough but there wasn't enough leg room so I had to hang my leg out into the aisle for every restless bugger to trip over........bloody agony.

Bob Wilson posted me some great shots of this part of the world which I forwarded to *, if anyone has missed out and would like to see them, let me know. Would you mind if I posted them to the group Bob?

I've got some S.A.R broad gauge photos too, I might start on them next week.

Best regards 'til next week,

Peter Bruce.

*P.S. yahoogroups do not archive attachments but I've kept most if not all of them from Thingswithwheels and will eventually get around to some sort of photo archive. I also intend to organise these MMP postings so that they can easily be referred back to by anyone interested.

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