Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 23/12/07.

G'day all, this is the North Melbourne Locomotive Depot in the early
1960s. By this time the diesels had moved next door to Dynon and this
huge space had become almost a rest home for the steam engine. Ten
years earlier it would have been alive, full of movement and racketing
din and swarming with fitters and cleaners and enginemen.

Now there are just a few locos scattered around the three turntables
and the end was near.

We've turned up here late one arvo and done the right thing, going
straight to the Shed Foreman"s office,

"OK if we have a bit of a look around",

"Yeah boys, just be careful and let us know before you go"

They were different days.


Peter Bruce.

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