Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tuesday Arvo Photo. 11/9/07.

G'day all, I'm not sentimental at all about the Good Old Days, I'm just glad they were good.

This one was good.

Bendigo No.3 is taking the curve from Mount Korong Road into Eaglehawk Road on it's way out to Eaglehawk not too long before the tramway closed. The Eaglehawk line had everything, it was probably my favourite tram line line of all, not just in Bendigo.

I've been in an absolute frenzy of indecision [ can you have that?] over the last three days, I just couldn't decide what photo to post. Maybe it's time I got a life.

I think I've posted this one to TramsDownUnder previously but I do like it. If you've seen it before look away now.

Regards to all,

Peter Bruce.

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