Sunday, 6 July 2008

Fw: Not the MMP. 22/4/08.

Just a couple more extracts from last weeks photo, I'm often fascinated by the unremarked detail in a picture.

e.g. in the coupler shot, the shadow of the coupler and the stuff in the background against the corrugated iron wall, there is a jack there I think and various drums and kero tins adapted for useful purposes, recycling ain't a new thing. And that's a neat looking little three wheel trolley, they didn't get that at Bunnings. It must have been some kind of maintenance point with that light sticking out of the wall quite low down.

Mark Blythe noticed that the corrugated iron shed had no guttering, no way of collecting run-off in a very dry place......what was that I said about recycling??

I like this stuff but tell me if you think I'm scratchin' around like an old chook.

I havn't forgotten about this weeks photo, just havn't quite got around to it.

Best regards to all,

Peter Bruce.

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