Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 4/12/07.

G'day all, I have been inspired by Mike Venn's site, Sixties Steam in Australasia and I have his lovely shot of BB18 1/4 1020 at Warwick on my desktop at the moment.

Time for some pictures from the Sunshine State and here are a couple taken at the very atmospheric Brisbane Central Station. The atmosphere consisted mostly of coal smoke.

The station was in a hole in the ground and had a Victorian era all-over roof. As far as I remember the traffic was exclusively suburban and almost exclusively steam hauled.

I did a quick scan of these two shots tonight, they could do with a bit more work and I could do with a bit more Photoshop nous, but I thought I would post them both anyway.

Maybe posting two photos might make up just a little bit for my tardiness.

Best regards to all,

Peter Bruce.

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