Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 16/12/07.

G'day all, this is Darling Harbour Yard on a Sunday arvo, 1968.

1942 is of a class commenced in 1877 and still going strong at Darling Harbour in 1968 and for some years after. Leon Oberg in 'Locomotives of Australia" tells me that the last heavy overhauls were in December 1970. Useful engines.

4428 is an Alco World Series engine, built by Goodwin-Alco from 1957 and I believe some are still running. The NSWGR weren't too fussy about which way their cab units were facing, backwards, forwards.... they would have run them sideways if they could have. See the staff exchanger just below the driver's side window, that means 70mph running...backwards. To my Victorian eyes that is barbaric, brutal even. But that was New South and I couldn't get enough of it..

I remember motoring up the Olympic Way one Saturday morning in the early 1980s paralleling the Long South, it was the anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper etc and the ABC was harking back. We were doing 70 and a pair of 44s on an up goods left us for dead, four wheelers and all.

Even in diesel days it was "That State with Those Engines".

Anyone going for a beer at "The Duke" on Thursday?

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Peter Bruce.

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