Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo.23/10/07.

G'day all, pardon my slackness....... well not so much slackness as the aforementioned lather of indecision.

I scanned quite a few Peterborough Division shots over the weekend but I couldn't decide which one to post. So I didn't post any of them and tonight I scanned this one. It'll have to do.

The star of the show seems to be 228 which is at the head of a Broken Hill bound mixed goods train, either that or it's just arrived from Port Pirie.

There is probably no such thing as a Railway Town these days but that's what Peterborough was and it was proud to be known as such. A Railway Town in those days of steam was always crowned by a pall of engine smoke and was an endlessly interesting place of constant movement and noise. I resisted the need for sleep as long as I could but even exhausted and asleep in the waiting room or on a bench on the platform I would have some vague awareness of where I was and what was happening around me. I will always be grateful for the goodwill shown us young'uns by the railway people and for the help they gave us and the freedom we were allowed.

Now, a word for Mark Bau. I know you think the railway world begins at Wodonga and ends at Serviceton but just listen and learn young fella. Anyway I'll get to Victoria eventually. Anyone interested in the VR should take a look at Mark's Victorian Railways website. It is excellent. Just Google Victorian Railways. I wish there was one like it for all the Australian systems.

Regards 'til next week,

Peter Bruce.

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