Sunday, 6 July 2008

New Year Photo. 2/1/08.

Great to see more photo contributors via Thingswithwheels, Steve, David, Mal et al. I'll keep my contributions via Monday Morning Photo and I'll forward Owen's pictures to TWW.

The attached photo was made from an extremely ordinary negative, poorly exposed, unsharp, probably rushed.Somehow or other it seems to have worked thanks to very tolerant B&W film, a nice short focal length lens, uncoated and of course Photoshop. Until very recently I hadn't bothered with it, I thought the composition was OK but everything else was crap.

Anyway, up Warburton Passenger, same day as the previous posting but on the return trip. Again not sure where but closer to Warburton than Lilydale.

Maybe should be sepia?

Peter Bruce.

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