Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 25/9/07.

G'day all, a couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of Bendigo No 3 passing the old foundry on it's way out to Eaglehawk and Mick MacGowan was kind enough to respond with a couple of present day photos of the site which is remarkably little changed given the 35 years that have elapsed. If it's OK with you Mick I'll post your photos to TWW in the next day or so.

In the meantime here is the trailing shot of No 3 from the same location, again it is a shot I have posted to TramsDownUnder so maybe some of you will have seen it already. As well as I can remember it was taken on a Sunday arvo and is probably the last photo I took on the beautiful Eaglehawk tramway.

By the way anyone who would rather be left off this posting just let me know, I've just taken a bit of a guess as to who would be interested. By the same token if anyone knows of someone who might be interested I'd be more than happy to include them.

This post is late because I forgot all about it and Yahoo can't be blamed.

Best regards to all,

Peter Bruce.

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