Thursday, 10 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 7/7/08.

G'day all, Australian cities were always very quiet on a Sunday morning but I reckon Adelaide was especially so. The only thing to disturb the peace was the 9.00am arrival of the "Overland" from Melbourne.

This particular Sunday was an exception though, a long rake of green and cream cars was docked at the southernmost platform of the Adelaide Railway Station and a growing and chattering crowd thronged the surrounds.

They were waiting for engine no. 500 to couple to the train. Many perhaps re-living earlier days when a 500 backed down from Mile End every night to take the "Overland" out.

Presently wisps of smoke and steam showed off in the distance and 500's big, black backside approached, rolling at a very dignified pace.

As usual the crowd gathered to watch the loco nudge gently onto the train then stood on tiptoe to peer into the cab with its mysterious gauges and shining levers.

Train travel, all travel really, used to be exciting, an adventure. Today it's a bit like catching a lift.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.


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