Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 13/5/08.

I made a rash promise last week, well not quite a promise, but I did hint that I might start on some S.A.R. broad gauge photos.

Maybe next week. I took a look at a few shots and decided they could do with re-scanning,.... or maybe travelling back in time and taking them again! I wish.

So we're back at what was probably my favourite railway town, Peterborough, South Australia.

404's train is rumbling into town from the mines of Broken Hill, this would have to be after the Christmas 62-63 shutdown, auto couplers have been fitted. The Terowie line is slewing off to our right and to our left we have a magnificent example of the classic corrugated iron backyard dunny, blowfly heaven.

The station itself had something, it was no architectural masterpiece, the original building was a typical South Australian country station and it had colonised 1 road, the platform road from the railmotor shed at the far end to the Yardmaster's Office nearest the camera.

I've got to say, too, that I always preferred a railway station at ground level. That is, after I discovered that there were such things in Australia. Me being a Victorian used to high level platforms with enamelled signs at each end saying...NO ROAD.

That almost makes me homesick but perhaps I'll stick with Peterborough for a week or two.

Regards to all,

Peter Bruce


Well worth a look, thanks Mike Venn.

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