Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 7/1/08.

Morning all, my recollections are 639 the engine and Murchison East the location, the level crossing is just north of the station. That's about it though except that the next few shots on this roll of film show that one D3 has become two. Just south of Murchison East the Highway parallels the railway quite closely. I'd always wanted to make a pan shot at speed and here I was, in the front passenger seat of an early '60s Beetle and we were being overtaken by a pair of D3s at 60mph and looking like they might jump the fence. I may have projected my body dangerously from the vehicle to get this shot, it was way before the days of seat belts. Anyway........

These old photos are from 6x6 negs scanned on an Epson 3200 flatbed scanner, I havn't got a dedicated neg scanner and I don't think I could afford one for negs this size but I must say that I'm curious as to whether I could get much more out of them. Can anyone enlighten me?....I don't expect miracles, most of the negs aren't all that flash and they are 40+ years old.


Peter Bruce.

P.S. I think between David Langley and myself we concluded that this was actually Numurkah.

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