Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 1/9/07.

G'day all, seeing as I didn't get around to a photo last Monday you get two this week. The subject is the same, the Corrimal Coal and Coke railway which ran west from Corrimal to the escarpment and from there continued as rope haulage to the pit. I don't remember too much of the detail but the standard gauge connection from the NSWGR Illawarra line to the rope incline was operated by a ex Govt. 25 class 2-6-0 built by Beyer Peacock in 1881.

The overhead shot is taken at the inland end of the line and the other shot I include because some of you might like to know what these engines looked like from the front. The tower is the coking tower I believe. I have a few more Corrimal photos and I'll post them to

Kevin Sewell, can you enlighten me further about this operation as you so kindly did with the northern colliery railways? I had a look at GoogleEarth but the area is basically wall to wall suburbia and I wasn't too sure where to look or what to look for. I did pay a visit to the upper level too and witnessed "Burra" scuttling about in best narrow gauge fashion. It seemed to make a lot of doing very little......but then, who am I to criticise. Is that spelt right? It doesn't look quite right to me, should it be spelt with a z?

Mark Bau, congratulations from Monday Morning Photo, on the birth of your new baby girl.


Peter Bruce.

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