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Re:Monday Morning Photo. 31/3/08.

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Pete, it was an isolated 3"6' gauge system and still survives in private ownership, an American company, Genesee&Wyoming maybe?? It is somewhat truncated I believe.

Take a look at

This site is run by Peter Knife who is the authority on the Division and the author of two books about it.

If you take another look at the map travelling north along the shore of Spencer Gulf you will see another isolated railway, from Whyalla to Iron Knob and Iron Baron, this is also 3"6' and serves iron ore deposits. I'll post a few shots of this in the coming weeks. I travelled out to the Knob after leaving Port Lincoln. Hope you enjoyed this series of postings, I get a kick out of putting them together and remembering the fun I had back then.

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Peter Bruce.

Attached a pair of Victorian Railways R class Hudsons on a fan trip.

Sunshine. Note the graffiti on the wall of the market.

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Was it isolated from the rest of the SA system as the map seems to suggest?

pete groom

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