Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo.15/9/07.

G'day all, not my photo this week. I got this print from Dave MacCartney years ago and it has spent most of the time since stuck on our fridge so it's a bit ratty.

It was a large neg so Dave had to print it in two halves and then tape them together. I'm not sure of who the photographer was but the name Wal rings a bell, Wal Larsen? Wal Jack? Next time I see Dave I'll ask him.

I'd say Wal probably caught a spark out to Newmarket and walked north along Elm Street. Not very far though, I reckon that advertising hoarding is on the corner of Eltham Street and the footbridge connects Dover Street and Waltham Street. Melway map 28, K12.

As I remember the "Spirit" got into Spencer Street at about 11.30 am in the broad gauge days so this would be about 11.20 and if Wal wasn't cutting it too fine he'd have heard Sir Thomas Mitchell whistle for the crossings at Park Street and Puckle Street.

The Northeast is basically downhill all the way from Heathcote Junction so the fireman would have put the shovel away, hosed down the cab and had a bit of a wash some time ago. That looks like his elbow on the cab window ledge.

This is a moment one day in 1939, but repeated seven days a week, year in and year out. The Pride of the State of Victoria rolling into town..... just fast enough to beat the camera shutter.

Roly, maybe your uncle Alec was on the footplate this day.

The old Victorian Railways.

Regards to all,

Peter Bruce.

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