Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 7/10/07.

Thanks Troy, I regret few things in my life but the Dirranbandi Mail is one train I really regret missing out on. I didn't see the QGR in the '80s but I imagine it was similar to the Peterborough Division, a mixture of the Big Time and Snake Gully. It certainly was an appealing railway in the mid-sixties when I spent a little time there. More Snake Gully then, no Big Time coal haulage yet.

You might like the attached.

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Peter Bruce.

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Great pic Peter, that shed looks mighty impressive too. Your recollection sounds like what QR was like in the 80's ! Minus the steam, of course. But we still had a couple of magnificent timber sleeping cars, at least on the Dirranbandi Mail (jokingly referred to as the "Bandilander".)


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