Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 14/7/08.

G'day all, the photo of 404 has got me tossed, I don't recognise the location, maybe someone can help me. Generally the 400s only worked bunker first from Peterborough to Terowie.

The other shot demonstrates the huge step that the South Australian Railways took in the '20s, the little tank engine on the right is representative of the pre Webb motive power while 718, looking pretty much as delivered, was the new broom. Bloody big broom! Again I can't remember the occasion or the location. Any ideas?


Peter Bruce.


Anonymous said...

The second photo looks like Mitcham.

John said...

Mitcham, 1965. Association of Railway Enthusiasts (Vic) tour of SA. 718 brought the train in from Serviceton, then the Fclass leading an Rx took the train to Port Adelaide. I was 14, rode my bike up to Mitcham to snap a shop on my Kodak Brownie.