Wednesday 3 September 2008

Monday Morning Photo. Wednesday 3/9/08.

G'day all, these days I'm only calling it Monday Morning Photo out of habit, I wanted to post the pic of Bendigo No.2 and I couldn't find it until tonight. I was getting a bit worried, I hate to lose anything, especially negs.

Two of my very favourite places

Bendigo about lunchtime on a Sunday I think it was, No.2 has topped the rise in View Street and has just left the double track to turn into Barnard Street on the way to the Borough of Eaglehawk.

Following Kevin Sewell's request I have turned to the New South Wales Government Railways for the other shot, the fireman of 5375 is scooping up the staff for the single track section north of Scarborough. The train is a fairly typical local of the time. I loved the Illawarra with the blue Pacific on one side and the brooding escarpment just inland. And plenty of trains. The photo's not too sharp..........too bad.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.

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