Monday 18 May 2009

Monday Morning Photo. 17/5/09.

G'day all, No.9 was the early morning mixed that travelled down the Illawarra line all the way to Nowra. The time I rode it it actually left Central at 2.10am, the attached T/T is a later one.
By the time I boarded I had trouble finding a seat, most compartments were occupied by sleeping shift-workers on the way home to the suburbs and a real bed.
3641 was the engine and all the way out through suburbia the train slowed at wayside stations and homebound workers dropped off .
The Pig came off at Thirroul and was replaced by 3221.
As far as I can make out from my 45 year old notes I rode as far as Bombo where we see the stationmaster about to hand the staff up to the approaching passenger train which I joined and rode back to Wollongong.
I travelled by myself on this trip and was away for about a week. I slept wherever I could find a more or less level surface, mostly in station waiting rooms but I always made sure that I had at least one good meal a day to keep the energy level up. I didn't want to miss anything.
Peter Bruce.

Monday 4 May 2009

Monday Morning Photo. 4/5/09.


G'day all, really weary tonight, probably because I've been staring at the screen while scanning multiple photos for this series on the Illawarra.
So just three shots and not much to say.
All arrivals at Wollongong. At this time the South Coast line was just about 100% steam operated but the daily name train the "South Coast Daylight" was usually run with Budd cars.
Not this day though..... 4460 arrives on an airconditioned set.
Typically for the NSWGR the 44 is running blunt end first.
Peter Bruce.