Friday, 29 August 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 25/8/08.

G'day all, today's posting is a bit of a compromise...I had suggested that I'd post some more photos of Victoria's provincial tramways but Kevin Sewell hinted while that would be most welcome that perhaps some offerings from country New South Wales or the Brisbane tramways would not go amiss and suggestions are always welcome.

So Gosford in 1968 is offered, not a great photo but there is a lot to look at in this one. It's probably more like suburbia these days but back then it was the gateway to the north of NSW and a very busy place.

Bendigo 19 is a 1920 product of Duncan&Fraser, car builders, of Adelaide and it's on the way to the terminus at Billy Rodda's Golden Square Hotel. Every motor vehicle that I can identify is Australian built. There is a Ford Zephyr panel van and a Morris 1100, going away. And coming towards us a Mini, a Valiant and a split screen Kombi, like the one that lives in my garage. Hopefully one day it will take to the road again.

'til next week,

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Peter Bruce.

P.S. I have been going back through earlier Monday Morning Photos postings and quite a few will take a bit of editing before I forward them to the blog, it may be a fairly slow process.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 18/8/08.

G'day all, I havn't posted any Ballaarat tramway photos before, 'bout time I reckon. The provincial tramways in Victoria were operated by the State Electricity Commission. Geelong closed in the '50s but Ballaarat and Bendigo lingered into the '70s despite numerous attempts at closure. They were truly working museums.

So I never saw Geelong but I was able to spend quite a bit of time in the other two cities and I walked the length of each line at least once.

The three attached photos are all taken on the long line connecting Sebastopol and Lydiard Street North, all lines were through-routed via Sturt Street which I suppose you would have to call Ballaarat's main drag. It was also the route of the Western Highway through the city which I think had about 70,000 inhabitants at the time.

The Sebastopol tram terminated at the Royal Mail Hotel, if it was raining you'd hardly get wet between the tram and the Public Bar, No.38 is waiting for time and quite possibly for it's crew to emerge from the said Public Bar.

34 has halted at the compulsory stop in Drummond Street, South and will swing right into Sturt Street to make another stop on it's way to the City and Lydiard Street, North. Anyone recognise the old Pommy motorbike?

The third picture is of 38 again and it is in Sturt Street at Lydiard Street and once the car ahead has crossed Lydiard Street and a new crew have showed up 38 will pull ahead and the Motorman will set the points to take the left curve for Lydiard Street, North. The crew being relieved are heading for the Sturt Street messroom.

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Peter Bruce.

P.S. I have made some progress on my blog/archive, I'm back to September '07 with MMP postings and the slideshow will take you to my Picasa albums, almost everything can be viewed full screen in your browser.

Seems like a good way of backing up to me and pretty easy too.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Absence of MMP. 13/8/08.

Been having some computer probs. and some with lack of inspiration.

I'll get back on track over the next few days.

Mick McGowan corrected me re the silhouette shot in my last posting, it was taken at Garden Gully Loop in Mount Korong Road. Thanks Mick.

The attached shows No.2 having just swung into Mount Korong Road from Barnard Street and approaching Garden Gully.

I think I might give the provincial tramways a bit of a run over the next few weeks.

Best regards to all,

Peter Bruce.


Friday, 1 August 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 30/7/08.

G'day all, a couple of Bendigo shots, No. 3 is at Eaglehawk, the toddler is now 40, that makes her mum..........??

The last days silhouette is, I think, at Needle Loop outbound to Eaglehawk in what passed for the evening peak in 1970s Bendigo.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.