Tuesday 31 January 2012

A Correction.

Peterborough always confuses me, 404 is actually heading east, towards Broken Hill.
Peter Bruce.

Monday 30 January 2012

Monday Morning Photo. 30/01/2011.

G'day all, hopefully my mailing list problem is solved.
Apropos of recent Friday Afternoon Photos posted by Bob Wilson and contributions by Cliff Olds and others I thought the attached photo of 404 might be of interest. The late Ray Graf and I called at Peterborough during January 1963 on our way back from the Eyre Peninsula and found the 400 class Garratts and the ore wagons for the Broken Hill-Port Pirie traffic had all been converted to auto couplers.
404 is at the west end of Peterborough yard preparing to depart for Port Pirie and the lead smelter. In the shadows at the left of the picture is the railcar shed and the scene is lit by the brilliant light towers at either end of the yard.
I was in Peterborough recently, it was a railway town for about 100 years.......now it's just a town that the trains pass through and whistle for the two level crossings. Many of the townspeople have no memory of what it once was and most of the trains are road trains. I'm very grateful that I saw it in its pomp. I wish I could do it again.
Peter Bruce.
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Monday 2 January 2012

Re: New Years Morning Photo. 01/01/2012.

G'day all, I received the following from Bendigo resident and motorman Mick McGowan.......so the pub would the White Horse Hotel. It's a bit embarrassing to have made the same mistake twice so by way of penance I've attached another photo, similar location but taken at ground level.
Peter Bruce.

A correction – the image depicts California Gully – not Long Gully.  See my reply to your post on TDU dated 9th March 2004 at the following link - http://tdu.to/15541.msg?sid=64580.
What you appear to have done is turned 180 degrees at the same vantage point and captured the image of maximum traction #5 passing through California Gully on its way to Long Gully and from there to Bendigo and Quarry Hill.


Re: Monday Morning Photo. Wednesday 14/12/2011.

G'day all, a few days after I posted the Monday Morning Photo for 14/12/2011 Chris Wurr went out and shot the attached photo which I have resized and compressed. Apologies for the time taken to pass it on.
Thanks Chris,
Peter Bruce.

G'day Peter,

Here's a comparative shot to this weeks photo.
You were standing on a mullock heap on the slopes of Windmill Hill.
The bogie car has just passed theManchester Arms Hotel [still trading] and is coming past St. Matthew's CofE on the corner of Creeth St.
In a few moments it willpass the Rose of Australia Hotel, which is also still trading.
With the tree growth in the foregroundit took a while to find the exact spot you were standing.
Note the communication tower on Mickey Mouse Hill has been joined by another.
The house in centre foreground of mine is the same house bottom left in your's.

Cheers from Chris in Bendigo.