Sunday, 21 September 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 8/9/08. From Cliff Olds.

This is what I like to see. Here are three photos from Cliff Olds. Anyone who would like to contribute please feel free, you will be acknowledged.

I post my photos at about 1600 pixels wide and usually no more than about 350 kb but if you send me files bigger than that and you don't mind I'll edit to size. Your pictures and the stories around them deserve to be seen.

Peter Bruce.

Garratt 400 departing Gladstone towards Caltowie and Peterborough in mid 1969. In the foreground is the new and as then unopened standard gauge track. Beyond the train on the right of the photo can be seen the loco depot water tower, arched roof of the loco shed, the 200 ton (from memory) coal gantry (they were never known as "coal stages" no matter what current "experts" write) and the lower quadrant "down" home signal. In earlier years it was usual to turn the Garratts on the 85 ft turntable at Gladstone on the "down" because the narrow gauge turntable at Port Pirie couldn't accommodate a Garratt but that had not occurred here. I believe that a few Garratts were stationed in Port Pirie in that late hour of the narrow gauge and worked cross jobs which included loco changes with the 830 class diesels from Peterborough - hence it was pointless to turn them. I worked in Gladstone Loco from 1961 to 1964, so there are many pleasant memories for me here.

J555 departing Mount Gambier on No.90 goods to Heywood in 1968. I was a parcels clerk at Naracoorte at the time and by the time that I returned to Mount Gambier in Train Control in 1973, the T class diesels were well and truly entrenched.

523 in Ellen Street Port Pirie in 1964 at the head of Psgr. 434, (9.05 am Mon. to Fri.) to Adelaide, which had connected with the narrow gauge Brill railcar from Peterborough.

Photo's courtesy of Chris Wurr's superseded negative/slide scanner which I would like to blame for the condition of the negatives however my "archiving" is the real problem.

Cliff Olds.

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