Monday 22 September 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 22/9/08.

G'day all, a couple more swing door shots, taken from the footbridge at South Melbourne station, Coventry Street.

The cross shot is just on the down side of the City Road overbridge and the other, taken immediatly after, is approaching York Street which is also crossed on an overbridge. A very low one, I duck as I drive under it.

Greg Dixon, the driver is definitely not you but maybe one of you old spark drivers might recognise him by his Luftwaffe cap.

I was tempted to post the York Street shot at 1600 wide but decided that might be stretching the friendship a little.

I have been encouraged by the favourable response to last weeks posting.

Kevin Sewell, I will search out some Beenleigh shots, probably only got a couple though.

Have got a few more swing door shots for next week.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.

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