Tuesday 16 November 2010

Monday Morning Photo. Tuesday 16/11/2010.

G'day all, it's amazing how busy life gets when you quit full time work.
As well I've been scanning old negatives of our trip up the North Coast line of the Queensland Government Railways and trying to fill in the gaps in my memory. With limited success I might add.
I had thought that we made this trip in late 1963 but I've had to revise that to probably late 1964. My recollection is that we ran into the Wet as we got further north and it was certainly hot.
This week I'm going to bypass the strictly chronological because I've come across some photos that really need to appear on the same page.
1271 was at Gympie, an almost brand new [Feb 1964] English Electric loco, given that I didn't often waste valuable film on diesels I'm amazed that I have a photo of it.
But I'm glad I did because a couple of days later at the Watawa Mill near Bundaberg we found No.6, almost 100 years older, built by Nielsons of Glasgow in 1865 and just for a bit more contrast parked right next to it was a 1964 XM Falcon.
The link below leads to a bit more information about No.6.
Some of my photos from this trip were damaged by the humid weather, the damage is apparent in the shot of 1271. I was shooting 120 paperbacked film, 12 to the roll, and some films suffered when the film stuck to the backing paper.
Next week I'll backtrack a bit and in the meantime I'll try to relive the trip in my mind so I can get it down on paper.....as it were.
We visited a few sugar tramways so I'm going to have to do a bit of revision via Google too.
Peter Bruce.

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I was a Teenage Railfan. said...

The Mill photos here were taken at Bingera Mill, the was no mill at Watawa which was about 30 miles out of Bundaberg on the Mount Perry branch which had been cut back to Tirroan at the time these photos were taken. Watawa was only a plantation. Thanks to Lynn Zelmer and John Browning for the corrections. And thanks to the QGR Public Timetable of July 1962 for helping me locate Bingera and Watawa.