Monday 8 November 2010

Monday Morning Photo. 08/11/2010.

G'day all, four photos today of the Shay at Moreton Mill in late 1963. It was out of service by this time unfortunately and that was a pity, seeing a geared loco in action is really something.....a lot of noise, smoke and steam and very slow progress.
This link will take you to further information and photos of all the mill's locos.
I remember reading about a fan trip behind the Shay in an Australian model railway magazine sometime before our visit to this mill. These days it just wouldn't happen, risk management would decree it far too dangerous, perhaps there are just more dills around nowadays, people likely to put themselves and others at risk. Maybe. In fact we wouldn't have been allowed to roam unsupervised around the property if today's conditions had applied then. As I have remarked before in these postings all you needed to do back then was ask permission to have a look around and once permission was granted take care and stay out of the way of operations, in other words, use your common sense.
The other two photos are of our transportation from Nambour, the Monday to Friday Caboolture to Yandina train. When we got to Yandina we were still almost 1000 miles and about a week from Cairns.
You'll soon see why it took so long.
Peter Bruce.
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