Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday Morning Photo. 14/06/2010.

G'day all, this is the last installment, maybe I should say the "at last" installment of the demise of the Camden Tram. I can't remember how many trips were done between Campbelltown and Camden, at least two, maybe three but the crowd at Camden is definitely for the last departure. The engines are a long way from the station platform which usually only saw a single passenger car for each service and Canden station probably hadn't seen a crowd like this since the opening day back in March 1882.
I couldn't swear that I took the photo at Kenny's Hill on the very last trip but I don't suppose it really matters, the scene was much the same all day, people came from all over Sydney to be part of the day's events and to farewell something was was by this time unique in any Australian metropolitan hinterland.....if that's the right term.
I travelled back to Central on regular services but must have hung around Campbelltown long enough to watch the 6.01 to 6.04pm station stop of the southbound "Southern Highlands Express" and I submit the attached somewhat blurry departure shot of 3809 [I think!!] and it's train of rather elegant wooden bodied 12 wheel cars as evidence. Despite it being mid-summer the light had been pretty dull all day and my longish exposure didn't quite stop the train as it accelerated out of Campbelltown.
Now that the Camden project is behind me I'll have to decide where to next. Maybe western New South Wales.
'Til then,
Regards to all,
Peter Bruce.

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