Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Monday Morning Photo. 30/12/08.

Yeah I know it's Tuesday but I've been out of action on account of I
got a new computer and I forgot to import my mailing lists and I was
very busy with work etc.etc.....

So the last posting was early December and I speculated about my
memory and it's reliability and what might have drawn me to trains and
railways at such an early age.

Seeing as I think my first recollection is of the narrow gauge line in
the Dandenongs which has always been known as the Puffing Billy line I
thought a few photos taken around the time of re-opening in 1962 might
be apt.

I may have posted the early morning shot before, I think that it was
the first time that an engine was steamed at Belgrave, maybe the
night/day that 6A was delivered but perhaps one of you out there with
a more reliable brain can confirm or correct. I know I met a lot of
our present list members up on the "Narra" in those days 40+ years ago
so some of you would have been right on the spot.

The other shot is obviously in the very early days of regular service,
I particularly like the detail, it does show why the railway was
revived and why it has been such a success story, big kids playing
trains and little'uns and their mums and dads loving the ride through
the hills.

These days it is a very professional undertaking and still a labour of
love for many people. For those of you unfamiliar with it Google and
Google Earth are your friends.

In the next few days I'll post some more photos as I attempt to
restore my ragged credibility.

Best wishes to all for the coming year,

Peter Bruce.

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