Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Monday Morning Photo. 12/1/09.

G'day all, after I posted the Belgrave etc. photos recently Ted Godwin reminded me that the re- opening of the line to Menzies Creek just preceded the closure of the other surviving narrow gauge line from Colac to Weeaproinah.
So here a some pictures taken during the last days of the latter.
The passenger train wasn't the last, I missed that, probably through lack of funds. I recall that there was a trip with 14A.... after this one I think. Maybe someone can confirm that and maybe even post a photo or two!
I rode the weekly goods only once and the photo was taken at Gellibrand on the return. This train left Colac very early on the trip out to Beech Forest so one needed to catch the previous evening's Port Fairy train from Melbourne. Naturally I missed it.
Fortunately I was able to board a later Geelong train and take a chance on a goods train to get me to Colac.
Being 18 by this time I could personally indemnify the Victorian Railways Commissioners against any injury I might sustain while being bounced around the old Z van as the coupler slack ran in and out of a long string of four wheel wagons.
I got to Colac in plenty of time to have a bit of a snooze and a shunter woke me up for an in the dark departure to Beech Forest. Melway 627 A8&9.
The guard wasn't the friendliest but I had the company of Peter Barry..... though he spent most of the time communing with the Grades Book. See Mark Bau's invaluable Victorian Railways site.
It was one of those days I wouldn't have missed for quids.**
Best regards,
Peter Bruce.
** Australian idiom...quids, large amounts of money. A quid was a pound in pre decimal currency
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