Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Monday Morning Photo. 6/1/09.

G'day all, no real excuse for this late posting unless utter indolence can be considered an excuse.
I met very many of my contemporaries working as volunteers on this little railway. It may have been a little railway but it was an enormous task for volunteers to take on.
The details are a little dim at this distance but I know I was working there for some time before the line opened to the public in 1962 and I was a relative latecomer.
The two panoramic shots are taken from up above the landslide which caused the closure of the line in the first place and I think the other may have been taken before the public opening. It is at Menzies Creek which was the original railhead of the re-opened line. These days it goes well beyond there to the original terminus at Gembrook.
Up until this time I hadn't been out of Victoria but the tales of fellow workers here of what lay beyond our borders whetted my appetite and during 1962 I made my first interstate trips.
For this encouragement I owe thanks to many of the members of this group and others too, Chris Rodakis, Westy and T.A.Murray to name just a few.
Best regards,
Peter Bruce.
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