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I am sending this to you only as i keep getting messages some of the adresses on your list are rejected.
See attached diagram.

is partially correct. See comments below.

Arthur R

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> Thanks to Geoff for this clarification.
> Peter Bruce.
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> From: "Geoff Kirton"
>> T'ville must have had the most complicated rail layout in Aust.
>> Had the workshops, loco depot, railmotor depot & station north of Ross Creek.
This is correct.
Passenger trains from the south travelling on to Cairns would diverge to the right at South Townsville enter the staion from the north.
They would then depart for Cairns direct.
Passenger train from or to the GNR would use the southern connection.
The train hauled by 1302 would have been heading south to Stuart and then most likely west to Mount Isa, probably with passenger acommodation thus leaving from the station area.
>> South of Ross Ck. was Townsville South Yard which had a diamond crossing of the main line to access the wharves, nickel loading facilities & sugar
>> terminal.
>> Also a yard which was roughly oriented north-south in the appropriately named suburb of Railway Estate.
>> Have a feeling that South Yd may have been replaced by a park & a motor racing street circuit, after looking at a photo in a Qld travel supplement from a "Herald Sun" recently.
No! the South Yard is still there and is the main yard for the Townsville area.
There is a long term plan to provide a new line to the port and move the freight facilites to the Stuart area.
Long is the definitive work in this case.

>> Also that a new station was built on a bypass in the southern or western suburbs somewhere, like Mackay.
>> Looking at this travel supplement, I could see the former station in the distance.
The New station is just on the south side of Ross Creek, see attached diagram.
All tracks north of the blue line on the diagram have been or are to be removed.

>> Think there was a requirement that it had to be kept for heritage
>> purposes, especially for the original GNR building. Yes, but without a rail connection.
>> Townsville still has the carriage workshops.
>> I think the original T'ville 'shops were that saw-toothed building in the
>> background.
>> The ancient looking railmotor was a Panhard, I think - the other bigger
>> ones probably AEC's.
>> One of those RM's was in your photo at Bowen, with the 2 trailers - & the
>> bonus water & hills backdrop.
>> Have a feeling that Bowen has been by-passed as well with a new station
>> once again to the south or west. Yes.
>> Cheers
>> Geoff

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