Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Monday Morning Photo. Tuesday 21/06/2011.

G'day all, first thanks to Arthur Robinson and Geoff Kirton for their clarification of various points about the long North Coast railway, apart from the fact that there is a lot I can't remember, as well much has changed. I have posted their replies to http://teenagerailfan.blogger.com
We finally made it to Cairns and Kuranda but I think I must have been running low on film by this time, I set off from Melbourne with a pack of 12 rolls of Ilford FP3, 144 frames to last about four weeks and just enough money for necessaries so I couldn't count on being able to buy any more film.
I know we went to both the Victoria and Macknade sugar mills, whether on our way north or south I'm not sure but attached is a photo of a Victoria Mill cane train scuttling across the QGR main line at Ingham station. Of interest also is No.23 shunting in Cairns yard, I think it was built originally for the Chillagoe Railway and Mining Company up on the Atherton Tableland out west of Cairns. We had intended to hang around Cairns for a while but we were told that the train headed by 1029 was going to be the only southbound steam hauled goods for some time and as we had already been up the range to Kuranda we decided to take possession of the brake van and head for home.
I'll post some shots from the mills next time.
Peter Bruce.
P.S. Arthur, can you tell me where the present day Townsville station is, I can't seem to find it on Google Earth although every pizza shop and tanning salon in town seems to be picked out!!    

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