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The original Bowen Station was on the seafront near the Jetty and the locomotive depot remained there when the new station to the west of the town was opened.
The old North Coast Line from the south turned right just before the Don River and ran into Bowen on a track parallel to the track from the north.
The newer Bowen Station had balloon loop to avoid the need to reverse trains.
The two tracks between Don and Bowen were operated as two single track lines.
This arrangement was bypassed in 1990 with a new bridge over the Don River. A triangular connection to Bowen and a new platform built on the main line to serve Bowen.
The only tracks that remain are to the freight centre at Don, the salt works siding and the coke works siding which is on the okd harbour line.
The attached diagrams should explain the layout.
In the Don screenshot from google earth the old line is blue and the present line black.
Arthur R
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Arthur, edited text of my last posting below. Apologies.

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G'day Arthur, I have that photo of 1073 and 105 on my desktop and when I sat down at the computer just a few minutes ago I looked at 105 and said to myself that's not a PB15 it's a C16, as you say the funnel is the give-away. Your's was the first email I opened and sure enough I had got it wrong......and it was nothing to do with it being a long time ago because I've posted shots of C16s recently and I've used the website to confirm loco numbers.
Thanks for the info on the two pics I was unsure about, I couldn't reconcile the position of the station platform relative to the level crossing and had no idea that it was Bundaberg.
The old QGR was certainly an interesting railway, I'm hoping to get up your way fairly soon to have a look at today's Queensland Railways.
Peter Bruce.
P.S. Bowen is my next puzzle, I had forgotten its layout. I have had a look at Google Earth and can't find the station, does it have a balloon loop still? Anyway I'll put some photos up probably the week after next as I'll be away in SA next weekend.

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