Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Monday Morning Photo. Tuesday 17/03/09.

G'day all, I've been encouraged by Cliff Old's contributions to scan more photos from Peterborough and three are included here. I'm tardy as usual.

Tardy for a reason though. Often before I go to sleep at night I try to re-visit and re-create those distant days, always hoping that my memories are approximately accurate.

Whilst the details might not be spot on I do remember what it was like. I remember vividly the presence of 404 just before departure for Broken Hill.The racket was incredible but Peterborough slept through it. It was the town's bread and butter and every night was the same.

The other two photos were taken down at the Roundhouse. There are more and I'll post some next week, not necessarily on Monday.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.

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