Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday Morning photo. 9/03/09.

G'day all, I've been a bit lost for words over the last few weeks, don't know why, I'm not short of photos, maybe I've just not tried hard enough for the words.

All along though I've had these two pictures in mind, they follow more or less directly from my last posting and were taken on my first visit to Peterborough in the winter of 1962.

Be assured that we had paid a visit to the loco foreman's office before scaling the coal tower and that no objections were raised. It was just the usual " Go for your life boys, just be a bit careful".

Can you imagine that happening in 2009??

Cliff Olds, were you working at Peterborough roundhouse in mid '62? Maybe you can fill us in.

I wish I'd had a better camera and a bit more photographic nous when I took these photos, I had neither but I cherish these shots and these memories.

And I am forever grateful for those easier days and those hospitable and tolerant South Australian railwaymen.

Take these as you see them. They're not too flash and if anyone else has similar photos I'd love to see them.

Weston Langford, I have your book and I certainly recommend it to all who might be interested in revisiting Australasia in the 1960s...... Or visiting those days for the first time. Great title too.

Best regards,

Peter Bruce.

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