Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Morning Photo. 18/10/2010.


G'day all, as I mentioned in an earlier post the three of us spent two or three days around Brisbane riding and photographing the steam hauled suburban services and anything else that moved on the Queensland Government rails. I havn't been to Brisbane since 1978 and the suburban services have been electrified since then. A quick look at NearMap shows that much else has changed since the days when Brisbane was regarded as Australia's biggest country town. Even in those remote early '60s days the line out as far as Corinda was four track but elsewhere there was also much single track running. Three of these photos were taken on that four track main between Sherwood and Corinda near the Quarry Road overbridge I think, English Electric 1272, hauling the wooden cars is heading inbound for Brisbane, the other two are outbound.
Yerongpilly on the Southside lines was/is connected with the main system by a line over to Corinda, back then it was the only connection. Nowadays there is a connection in the city between South Brisbane and Roma Street stations.
When I took the photo at Yerongpilly there were three Pb15s shunting the yard there. The Yank, 221A, is hauling a coal train just north of Ipswich I think, that looks like a road bridge under construction in the background and in the foreground the track gang is leaning on their shovels while the train's always a good idea to stand well clear of passing coal trains, big lumps of coal are apt to fall off!
Ferny Grove looks pretty rural in the photo of baby blue 1049 and again NearMap tells a very different story. I prefer NearMap over Google Earth, it enables much clearer coverage of the Australian cities.
Off up the North Coast next week, first stop Nambour and the Moreton Mill.


Peter Bruce.

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