Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday Morning Photo, Monday Evening. 23/08/2010.

G'day all, been a bit short of time over the last couple of weeks but more to the point I've been a bit short of inspiration.
So while I gather my thoughts I've put together a few photos taken at the long gone North Melbourne Locomotive Depot.
Many of you will have absolutely no knowledge or recollection of the great smokey edifice which once dominated the western end of North and West Melbourne. Melway 43 B6.
Just behind North Melbourne station.
These pictures are all interiors so I'd certainly welcome any contribution showing the exterior and its location.
It was a long brick shed built probably fairly late in the 19th century, maybe 1870-80? I'm sure someone can clarify the date. It contained three 70 foot turntables each radiating roads around the full 360 degrees and it provided nearly all the Victorian Railways locomotive stock in Melbourne until the early 1960s.
By that time steam was on its last legs and these shots are from that time.
I have posted these before perhaps but some of you wont have seen them.
I think they were all taken the same late afternoon with the kind forbearance of the shed foreman. I think I was there with Roger Hill. Any memories Roger? better still any pictures?
Peter Bruce.

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