Sunday, 13 December 2009

Monday Morning Timetables. 14/12/09.


G'day all, my Tools of the Trade posting last week seems to have aroused some interest, not in the camera, but in the Timetable it was resting on.
So I thought a selection of early 1960s Public Timetables might be appreciated.
They were must haves for any traveller of the day.
But if you were a serious explorer of our various railway systems and were more than happy to brace yourself in the van as the slack ran in and out on a long goods train somewhere west of Woop Woop you really needed the relevant Worker, i.e Working Timetable......For the use of Employees only!
Not only was it more or less useful as a guide to railway traffic; being able to pull one out of the bag was a pretty handy way to big note oneself.
If you had a W.T.T. you were no railway dilletante, you were a fair dinkum railfan.
Well that's what I thought anyway. Perhaps I was right!
Peter Bruce.
P.S. Hopefully we'll get to see some of Roger Hill's work pretty soon. He's working on it.

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