Saturday, 7 November 2009

Monday Morning Photo. 9/11/09.

G'day all, the public face of the Victorian Railways at the mid-century was blue and gold, the four streamlined S class Pacifics and their matching steel cars.
On the other hand the everyday face was black and red, usually a dirty black A2 leading a string of dark red wooden bodied cars the pick of which were the twelve wheel "E" cars.
As soon as the VR got their first GM diesels the Pacifics were replaced at the head of the North-East name trains and not long after they were all cut up.
That is another story and a shameful one too.
The last of the A2s lasted in traffic until the early sixties and their final starring role on the big stage was running the last broad gauge "Spirit of Progress" from Seymour to Spencer Street Station on the 16th of April 1962.
I think 986 was the last to go but 995 and 996 made up for it on that 16th of April.
Attached are five photos from those last days. "The Big Wheel" is just a detail from "995&996" that I though worthwhile.
As the two North Melbourne shots show railway property wasn't off limits in those days so long as you asked first and excercised a bit of common sense while you were there.
Apologies for the long absence.
Peter Bruce.
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