Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Monday Morning Photo. Tuesday 28/4/09.


G'day all, some work-a-day photos from the Illawarra.
3320 got a guernsey last week arriving at Thirroul; the fireman taking a spell. This week he is bending his back as the same train starts away from the station stop. That looks very much like a handkerchief, knotted at the four corners, keeping the cinders out of the Brylcreem. I'm confidently tipping that he is what used to be called a "New Australian". A term which has fallen from favour, it's ideological soundness questioned. I think it is perfectly OK and is not at all disrespectful. I predict a revival. Australia's transport and industry would have struggled for survival in the '50s and 60s without New Australians.
The other three shots are all at Wollongong station, 5414 coming and going on a rake of Australian Iron and Steel hoppers for the steelworks at Port Kembla.
3093 is arriving from Port Kembla on a local. This is suburban travel before it was sanitised.
Looking at the station buildings you wouldn't reckon that they served New South Wales' third largest city. They reminded me of my local Melbourne suburban station at Canterbury when it was at ground level.
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