Friday, 29 August 2008

Monday Morning Photo. 25/8/08.

G'day all, today's posting is a bit of a compromise...I had suggested that I'd post some more photos of Victoria's provincial tramways but Kevin Sewell hinted while that would be most welcome that perhaps some offerings from country New South Wales or the Brisbane tramways would not go amiss and suggestions are always welcome.

So Gosford in 1968 is offered, not a great photo but there is a lot to look at in this one. It's probably more like suburbia these days but back then it was the gateway to the north of NSW and a very busy place.

Bendigo 19 is a 1920 product of Duncan&Fraser, car builders, of Adelaide and it's on the way to the terminus at Billy Rodda's Golden Square Hotel. Every motor vehicle that I can identify is Australian built. There is a Ford Zephyr panel van and a Morris 1100, going away. And coming towards us a Mini, a Valiant and a split screen Kombi, like the one that lives in my garage. Hopefully one day it will take to the road again.

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Peter Bruce.

P.S. I have been going back through earlier Monday Morning Photos postings and quite a few will take a bit of editing before I forward them to the blog, it may be a fairly slow process.

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